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Brighton International Animation Festival is the first of it’s kind! Set on the sunny coast of Brighton, England it is a 2 day annual not-for-profit festival every April run by animators for everyone. The vision of the festival is that it embraces international partnerships and encompasses a global perspective, in addition to providing an accessible place for people to learn about the medium. 

In addition to film screenings of both specially curated and in competition programmes, the festival offers hands on animation workshops and talks from industry speakers. This allows both animators and non-animators alike to come and learn about the medium in both an artistic and commercial context.

All of the films are subtitled for deaf/hard of hearing inclusivity and the 2023 edition has BSL interpreters at all events. 

The 2023 edition showcases one of Joanna Quinn first UK retrospectives in recent years, and a masterclass from puppet animation legend Barry Purves. The 2022 edition saw guest festival StopTrik International Film Festival the Slovenian/Polish specialist stop motion festival present a specially curated programme and BIAF programme Queer Contemporaries was presented at Anibar Animation Festival in Kosovo. 

In 2024 Fabrica is the new home to the live festival and the dates will be April 6th and 7th. Tickets will be on sale when the programme is published in early March so check back then to get tickets!

Follow @brightonanimation on Instagram to see previous editions and for future updates. 

See the trailer below for a taster of what the festival entails (turn sound on in the bottom corner of the screen!)
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