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Best Student Film

Hannah Lau-Walker is an animator and director based in London. She graduated with a diploma in Character Animation from Central St.Martins in 2011.


With over ten years of experience in commercial animation, Hannah has worked at indie studios based out of peoples living rooms, to big production houses in Soho. Animating everything from a laundrette morphing into a beautiful garden to a cow on skates.


Hannah has led animation productions, directed her own animations, as well as taught animation skills and mentored up and coming animators.


In 2019, she founded ‘She Drew That’ an animation community focused on the promotion, support, and development of women in the UK animation Industry. Through this community, she has established various mentor schemes, a director's residency, a podcast, and various other programmes to promote and develop the skills of women to reach senior roles within the industry.


Best UK Film

Joanna Quinn discovered animation while studying Graphic Design at Middlesex University London in the late 1980’s. Her graduation film Girls Night Out, introduced audiences to the character of Beryl and kick started Joanna’s animation career by winning 3 awards at Annecy. Joanna is renowned internationally for her drawing skills, wonderful characterisations and her humour. The politics of gender and oppression together with her obsessive fascination with exploring the eccentricities of the human body, in particular the female form, are the central themes of her work. Joanna’s films have won many awards including 4 BAFTA’s, 3 EMMY’s and 3 OSCAR® nominations.


Best International Film

Barry Purves is a veteran of 45 years involvement with stop motion, working on popular TV series ranging from The Wind in the Willows to, recently, Twirlywoos, and The Sound Collector, as well as his own unique and more adult, rich Oscar and Bafta nominated short films such as Next, Screen Play, Rigoletto, Achilles, Tchaikovsky. And No Ordinary Joe. Barry was involved with the feature films Mars Attacks! and King Kong. 

Away from animation Barry teaches at universities and festivals around the world, and directs, performs and designs for many theatre shows, varying from farces, to controversial dramas and grand opera.

He has written several books on animation, and has his own weekly Radio Show ‘Bedtime with Barry’ on Radio Alty.

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