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Saturday April 15th

Award Guide:

U - Eligible for Best UK Film Award

Int - Eligible for Best International Film Award

S - Eligible for Best Student Award


11am New Generation and Q+A

Look out for the next generation of filmmakers in this showcase of the best cutting edge of talent from both UK and International. Anxiety, family relations and space travel are just some of the topics covered by this new generation of filmmakers, expect to see work from countries including Canada, Israel through to UK.

One of Us,  Dir. Emma Kelly 3’40

(UK) S

Forget-Me-Not, Dir. Luzie Ilgner 3’30

(UK) S

Stay, Dir. Yu Sun 5’

(UK) S

In Boxes, Dir. Hila Vakrat, Gilad Pfe 6’

(Israel) S

The Bus to the Afterlife, Dir. Chloe Morris 5’ (UK) S

CW - mentions death, suicide

The Magentalman and The Gentlemint, Dir. James Crang 5’

(UK) S

Under This Luminous Sky, Dir. Emily Xu 5’ (Canada) S

Red Dogs In Red Rooms, Dir. Georgie Grace Sweet 2’

(UK) S

Throng, Dir. William Clarke 3’25

(UK) S

Swaddling Clothes, Dir.  Lauren Kim 
2’ (USA) S

Symbols, Dir. Ke Ren 1’

(UK) S

TWITCH, Dir. Lauren Hammersley 
3’ (UK) S

Beacon, Dir. Andrew Stadler 9’20


Swallow Flying to the South
Dir. Mochi Lin 18’



72 min 



1.30pm Joanna Quinn Retrospective and Q+A

Joanna Quinn is one of the most iconic British Animation practitioners of recent times. She is renowned internationally for her drawing skills, wonderful characterisations and her humour. The politics of gender and oppression together with her obsessive fascination with exploring the eccentricities of the human body, in particular the female form, are the central themes of her work. Joanna’s films have won many awards including 4 BAFTA’s, 3 EMMY’s and 3 OSCAR® nominations. Come down and see a full screening of her works from the beloved Beryl films through to the cultural commentary of Britannia. She will undertake a Q+A after the screening so come with questions!


Girls Night Out 6’

Body Beautiful 13’

Elles 3’

Britannia 5’

Dreams and Desires: Family Ties 10’

Affairs of the Art 16’

53 min



4pm Puppet Stories

Puppet based stop frame animation was pioneered in the early twentieth century in the former eastern bloc countries including former Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia. We can still see the influence of these pioneers today in this selection of narrative based figurative films from countries including Uruguay, Finland through to UK. Expect beautiful craft in both tactile and digital puppet making.


Curiosa, Dir. Tessa Moult-Milewska 9’30  (UK) S

Abril, Dir. Eliana Fernández, Sofia Victoria Caponnetto 
4’  (Uraguay) S

Paolo's Happiness, Dir. Thorsten Drössler, 13’30 

(Germany) INT

Exhibit-A, Dir. James Wilkinson 4’20 

(UK) U 

Ana Morphose Dir. Joao Rodrigues 10’ (Portugal) INT

Kafka's Doll, Dir. Bruno Simões 10’

(Spain) INT

Pobre Antonio, Dir. Mariana Guerreiro F 8’ (Spain) S

Good Boy!
Dir. Daniel Robert Hope 2’ 

(UK) U 

Spoon, Dir. arthur chays 3’  (France) INT

The Paper
Dir. Katariina Haukka  5’

(Finland) S


69 min




To Be Human and Q+A

This programme focusses on the human condition. Living with Alzheimer’s, child soldiers, body image and mens knitting groups are just some of the topics explored in this collection of films from countries including Australia, Egypt through to UK.

My Dear Son, Dir. Lilian Fu  9’

(Hong Kong) INT

Another Presence, Dir.  Simon Ball 11’ (UK) U

Yeah I'm good thanks, Dir.  Hannah Lau-Walker 1’30 (UK)

IRIS, Dir.  Iris Kea Pontoni Wach 4’

(Netherlands) S

Beware of Trains, Dir.  Emma Calder 13’ (UK) U

All Her Dying Lovers, Dir.  Anna Benner 5’30

(Czech Republic)  INT

Child Soldier 2’, Dir.  Laila Kamal 

(Eqypt) INT

You Are My Home, Dir. Soofiya 1’30 

(UK) U

Chosen Family, Dir.  Noah Greenhalgh 5’20 (UK) S

The Little Blue Boiler Suit
Dir.  Nigel Smith and Emma Wass 4’ 

(UK) U

Handmade Happiness, Dir.  Vivien Mason 8’30 (Australia)  INT

The Red Ball, Dir.  George Morgan 7’ 

(UK) U

77 min​


Keep Left - 3 - Maya Reményi.jpg


Wild Characters and Q+A

Use of personification and exaggeration are some of the joys of designing and working with character within animation. Clocks, clowns, huge sausage dogs and Elton John all feature in this collection of films that all have a character based focus. Expect music videos and both short films from Hungary, Germany, Czech republic through to UK.

Keep Left, Dir. Maya Remenyi 3’30

(UK) U

Thank you, Dir. Julian Gallese 7’30

(UK) S

birds whose legs break off 
Dir. Dirk Verschure 7’18

(Germany) INT

Cosmohedron, Dir. Duncan Hatch 7’


Elton John, Dua Lipa - Cold Heart (PNAU Remix) Dir. Raman Djafari 4’

(Germany) INT

Bye Little Block!, Dir. Éva Darabos 9’  (Hungary) S

A Whale Song, Dir. Sacha Beeley 

2’36  (UK) U

Cuties, Dir. Theo W Scott 5’

 (UK) U

Aeons Ark, Dir. Sophie Maria Vickers 6’ (UK) S

The Beatles Vs The Stones, Dir.Andrew Kelleher 3’

 (UK) U

Please Clap, Dir. Khalidah McLarty 3’30 (UK) S

Tiers, Dir. Philip James Hart 0.32 

 (UK) U

Lovely Rita, Dir. Elena Madrid 4’  

(Switzerland) INT

The Sphere, Dir.  Manuel Sumberac 13’ (Croatia) INT

Time Trip Time, Dir. Taewan Kim and Shunny Kim 3’ (UK) STU

Fur, Dir. Madeleine Homan 5' (Netherlands) INT


75 min


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