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Sunday April 16th

Award Guide:

U - Eligible for Best UK Film Award

Int - Eligible for Best International Film Award

S - Eligible for Best Student Award


10am - 12pm

360 Life Drawing Class

Join Leo Crane from Figuration to draw the nude and create a 2D 360 turn around animation. You'll be encouraged to consider movement in a series of sequential poses, before capturing a single pose from multiple viewpoints. At the end of the session, you will have the chance to animate your drawings with a simple smartphone app. 




The (un)Natural World and Q+A

Science, the environment and creatures of the earth are the focus of this programme. Expect sea creatures, insect specialists and hot blooded flowers in the programme from countries including Taiwan, Iran, Sri Lanka through to UK.

The Transfigured Night
Dir. GAO Shengjie 10’ (China) INT

A Language of Shapes, Dir. Samantha Moore 6’ (UK) U

Maria Sibylla Merian - The Woman Who Changed Science Forever, 

Dir. Anna Humphries  4’ (UK) U

The White Whale, Dir. Amir Mehran 10’ Iran INT

Blooming, Dir. Sophie Marsh and Efa Blosse Mason 1’ (UK) U
Canary, Dir. Chrysoula Korovesi, 6’

(Greece)  INT

There's a Bison on The Prairie
Dir. Morgan Miller 7’ (USA) INT

The Best Ham Sandwich According to a Fish, Dir. Jessica Xu 3’ (USA) STU

Anya Ratnayaka on the Colombo Wetlands and the Urban Fishing Cat, Dir. Irushi Tennekoon 6’20

(Sri Lanka)  INT

Fly Up Too
Dir. Chris Cray 3’ (UK) U

The Egret River
Dir. Wan-Ling Liu 20’ Taiwan INT

76 min


2022_MarieEduardoSophie_Still05 - Thomas Corriveau.jpg


Artists Film and Q+A

The joy of animation is it’s diversity of the medium both in form and ideation. This collection of films explore more experimental and non linear approaches to animation including charcoal erasure animation, CG through to cut out from countries including USA, Belgium through to UK. 

Dir. Thomas Corriveau 3’ (Canada) INT

MonachopsisDir. Liesbet van Loon 10’20 (Belgium) INT

L' amour rebelleDir. Leo Crane

4’20 (UK) U

Bleeding BookDir. Gloria Maria Civanto 1’ UK (U)

CW - reference to assault

Wish you were here
Dir. Shaun Clark 7’ (UK) U

Of WoodDir. Owen Klatte 7’ (USA) INT

The Hour CoatDir. Amy Kravitz 12’40 (USA) INT

EvictionDir. Alexandre Paquet 2’27 (Canada) STU

The Pictures In His Mind Awoke And Began To BreedDir. Nina Gross 2’ (UK) STU

THE JOY OF BITINGDir. Nina Hoffmann 2’ (Germany) INT

CW - explores adult themes

EmpireDir. Grant Petrey 13’

(UK) U


69 min




Barry Purves Masterclass

Barry Purves is a veteran of 45 years involvement with stop motion, working on popular TV series ranging from The Wind in the Willows and Twirlywoos, through to feature films Mars Attacks! and King Kong. He will give a presentation on his work and career including screening of new film No Ordinary Joe. Come down with questions!


70 min


HarveyMilk_14 - Steve Smith.jpg


Queer as F++k and Q+A

Special curated out of competition programme of Queer Animation that explores an array of contemporary queer culture from terfs and gender identity to sex positivity. Some utilise humour and imagination, some are factual accounts of lived experiences. From all across the globe such as Belgium, Finland and USA and through stop motion, hand drawn or cut out, the one thing these films have in common is an engaging account of the queer human experience. 

CW - some films contain sexual imagery

What even is a TERF?, 

Dir. Dez Stavracos 3’ (USA)

Dir. Zhong Xian 3’ (UK)

Harvey Milk, 

Dir. Steve Smith 4’ (USA/UK)

Cesspit of Freedom
Dir. Oran Rose O'Sullivan 1’30 (UK)

Cock Tales
Dir. Clyde Petersen 4’ (USA)

All Those Sensations in My Belly
Dir. Marko Djeska 13' (Croatia)

My Dear Mr. Whitman
Dir. Jeremiah Dickey 1’43 (USA)

Tout ce que tu veux
Dir. Faust Lust Smiatek 5’ (Belgium) 

Dir. Phil Wall 7’10 (UK)

Dir. Latesha Merkel 5’18 (USA)

Dir. Cheng-Hsu Chung 6’ (UK)

BLUSH – An Extraordinary Voyage
Dir. Iiti Yli-Harja 15’ (Finland)

70 min




Long shorts/Closing Night Gala

Long Shorts programme followed by awards ceremony. Who will win the Best UK, Best International and Best Student film? 

Find out who the judges have chosen in the closing night. Followed by drinks, mingling and maybe even dancing?

Holy Holocaust
Directors osi wald 17’


A dark family secret from the past is revealed unexpectedly and shakes the lives of two old friends – Noa, an Israeli and Jennifer, a German. Past and present, text and subtext strangely intertwine as the two women become “third generation” against their will.

As You Like It
Director Hannes Rall 26’


An animated adaptation of Shakespeare's famous play "As You Like It"

The Perpetrators
Director Richard Squires 17’


Suburban London, the 1980s. A stranger in the family becomes a ghost child and awakens the monsters and desires of a queer childhood.


60 min


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