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Saturday 23rd

Award Guide:

U - Eligible for Best UK Film Award

Int - Eligible for Best International Film Award

S - Eligible for Best Student Award


10am Opening feature - Strike 

Featuring Q+A with director Trevor Hardy

Local studio PigBird have produced a wonderful comedy stop motion feature which is appealing to both children and adults alike




12pm New Generation and Q+A

Look out for the next generation of filmmakers in this showcase of the best cutting edge of talent from both UK and International. Climate change, social media and autism are just some of the topics covered by this new generation of filmmakers, expect to see work from Hungary, Poland and Israel through to UK. 


Checkpoint,Dir. Jana Katton (UK) 5:50 S

Escape Velocity, Dir. Tamás Rebák (Hungary) 7:43 S

@scroll_alice, Dir. Céline Ufenast (UK) 3:37 S

In The Upper Room, Dir. Alexander Gratzer (Austria) 8:09 S

All You Can Eat, Dir. Dimitris Armenakis (Greece) 4:20 S

Wastopia, Dir. Qianhui Yu (China) 4:36 S

Ama and the Forest, Dir. Luzie Lillie (UK) 1:55 S

Shopping Sunday, Dir. Ambrozy Danko (Poland) 5:30 S

Jacinta, Dir. Jo Pinto (Portugal) 2:46 S

How To Survive The Heatwave And Stay Human, Dir. Ronni Shalev (Israel) 7:48 S

Looking for Answers, Dir. Emma Kelly (UK) 1:40 S

Cloud Boy: An Autistic Journey, Dir. Kieran Firth-Bernard (UK) 3:40 S

Gruf and me, Dir. Dovi Keich (Israel) 9’07 S

Hit and Run, Dir. Hannah Brewerto, dir.  (UK) 4’18 S

74 min



2pm Puppet Stories

Puppet based stop frame animation was pioneered in the early twentieth century in the former eastern bloc countries including former Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia. We can still see the influence of these pioneers today in this selection of narrative based figurative films from countries including Spain, China, USA and UK. Expect beautiful craft in both tactile and digital puppet making. 


The Clearing, Dir. Johannes Schubert (UK) 12:33 S

Hexed, Dir. Francisco Martins Fontes/Louise Bongartz/D. Forest Gamble, (Spain) 4:33 S

Heart of Gold, Dir. Simon Filliot (France) 12:45 Int

Elevator Alone,Dir. Anastasia Papadopoulou (Greece) 3:38 S

Baloney Beacon, Dir. Max Landman (USA) 5:13 Int

Flour & Mush, Dir. Emily Wong (Hong Kong) 11:51 Int

The Condo, Dir. Trevor Hardy (UK) 3:04 U

Hiding, Tom Carey (UK) 4:20 S

Death Quiz, Dir. Lee Charlish (UK) 9:50 U

67 mins




Queer Contemporaries

Out of competition special programme

Although Queer Animation is a relatively young genre, there have been an array of ground breaking films by a new generation of filmmakers that have arisen in the last few years. From gender identity in Purpleboy and Cut through to early internet chat room culture in Guy 101, these films all explore a unique perspective on queer culture and queer identity. Some utilise humour and imagination, some are factual accounts of lived experiences. From all across the globe such as Hungary, Canada and Isreal and through stop motion, hand drawn or pixilation, the one thing these films have in common is an engaging account of the queer human experience. 

Entropia, Dir. Flora Anna Buda (Hungary) 10 min

Hi, It’s Your Mother Dir. Daniel Sterlin-Altman (USA) 5 min

Guy 101 Dir. Ian Gouldstone (UK) 8 min

The Saint of Dry Creek, Dir  Julie Zammarchi (USA) 4 min

I Like Girls, Dir. Diane Obomsawim, (Canada), 8min

Purpleboy, Dir. Alexandre Siqueira (Belgium) 14 min

The Night Cleaner Dir. Blair Fukumura (Canada) 5 min

CUT Dir. Dar Laor (Israel) 3 min

Manivald Dir. Chintis (Estonia/Croatia/Canada) 13 min

Modern Queer Heroes, Dir. Kate Jessop (UK) 5 min

78 min




Sound and Vision and Q+A

“Don’t you sometimes wonder about sound and vision?” sang David Bowie. Yes we do Bowie! This collection showcases films that showcase a strong relationship between audio and visuals - whether it be music video, choreography, abstract visuals or more humour based pieces. Don’t expect a beginning, a middle and an end with these films, this is more of a wild ride of styles and form from figurative character based animation through to non narrative abstract.


When We Fell, Dir. Morgan Twiston Davies 4:03 (UK) U

True Sound Façade, Dir. Laura N-Tamara 2:30 (UK) U

Mountain, Dir. Harrison Fleming 4:55 (UK) U

Check 'em out 0:54, Dir. Eva Münnich (UK) U

Tagnachtlampe, Dir. Emily Bailey 3:54 (UK) U

Damage Control, Dir. Greg Doble 3:33 (Canada) Int

Vulcain et Aphrodite, Dir. Nicolas Diologent 6:05 (France) Int

Talk To You, Dir. Sheetal Thankey 3:45 (UK) U

Terror Fervor, Phoebe Parsons 6:00 (Canada) Int

Motherclucker, Dir. Greg McLeod 5:15 (UK) U

Fluidity, Dir. Clyde Petersen 1:58 (USA) Int

Guff Maturity, Dir. Peter Millard 1:06 (UK) U

POWER PALADIN - Creatures of the Night, Dir: Lauren Ambry/Ella McShortall/Olivia Tang (Australia) 4:25 S

Whisper, Rustle, Dir. Maureen Zent 4:42 (USA) Int

Rites of Spring, Dir. Yiorgos Tsangaris 4:31 (Cyprus) Int

57 min




Animation Karaoke

Animation Karaoke battle! Come down join in Animation Karaoke! Old 1980's cartoon clips will be screened at random for participants from the audience to come up and improv the voice over! Followed by drinks, mingling and maybe even dancing?


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