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Sunday 24th

Award Guide:

U - Eligible for Best UK Film Award

Int - Eligible for Best International Film Award

S - Eligible for Best Student Award


10am - 12pm

Animation Workshop

Come and learn erasure charcoal animation with artist and animation Leo Crane, director of Figuration. Everything will be provided, you just need to bring your smart phone!




Industry Talk - Karrot Animation

We will be joined for an industry talk by Emmy award winning animation studio Karrot Animation - responsible for Sarah and Duck and recently exec producing Peppa Pig. Series producer Jamie Badminton will talk through behind the scenes of the work in their studio as well as tips for getting into the animation industry. Come with a question!




The Female Gaze and Q+A

In second wave feminism Laura Mulvey presented the concept of The Male Gaze. This programme subverts this and presents a selection of films either presenting the female experience or the world through the eyes of a female director. Including documentary, narrative and experimental from countries including Azerbaijan, Russia, Germany and UK.

CW - two films include reference of abuse but not depiction of


The Enigma of Faina, Dir. Durna Safarova 4:54 (Azerbaijan) Int

The Witch & the Baby, Dir. Evgenia Golubeva 4:45 (Russia) Int

The Many Faces of Ava, Dir. Izabela Barszcz 9:57 (UK) U

I Was Attacked, Dir. Sara F Massieu 3:41 s (UK) U CW

Sauna, Dir. Anna Lena Spring 4:19 (Switzerland) Int

Homebird, Dir. Ewa Smyk 9:55 (UK) U

Skeleton of a Moth, Dir. Emma Smith 8:14 (UK) U CW

Crafty Witch, Dir. Laura-beth Cowley 1:00 (UK) U

Holes, Dir. Birgitta Hosea 5:00 (UK)

Roots, Dir. Steph Anjo 4:19 (UK) U

Living In A Bubble, Dir. Natalie MacMahon 7:43 (Germany) Int

65 min




Global Visions and Q+A

Animation has the power to tell stories from different perspectives and reach audiences in such a special and engaging way. This collection of films presents films showcasing a global perspective - from Serbia to Australia to Chile. Both documentary and narrative films are included utilising an array of techniques from charcoal animation through to CGI.


Step into the River, Dir. Damien Megherbi 14:50 (France) Int  

Only A Child, Dir. Simone Giampaolo 6:47 (Switzerland) Int

Seven Grams, Dir. Chloé Jarry  7’48 (France) Int

The Quiet, Dir. Radheya Jegatheva 10:00  (Australia) Int

Reparations, Dir. Wilson Borja 8:24 (Columbia) Int    

Sugar show, Dir. Liana Makaryan 7:58 (Russia) Int

Lines, Dir. Milan Milosavljević  6:23 (Serbia) Int

The Boy and The Mountain, Dir. Aaron Navia Campos 11:23 (Chile) Int    

78 min


07 Catcalls (1).jpg


Guest Festival - StopTrik International Film Festival

This special programme is brought to us by guest festival StopTrik International Film Festival based in Poland/Sloveina. It's one of the leading stop motion festivals in Europe and will share with us this specially curated programme of the best of international stop motion animation. 

Tio / Tío

Juan J. Medina (IMCiNE)

2021, MEX, 12'40''

 Detektive Thumb and the Infinity House

Preston King (Savannah College of Art and Design)

2020, USA, 5'53''


Fledge / Plumot

Hani Dombe, Tom Kouris (The Hive Studio, Les Films de l’Arlequin)

2021, ISR, FRA, 15'25''

Only with You / Rak Itcha (רק איתך) 

Raz Merhav (Bezalel Academy Of Art And Design)

2021, ISR, 3'22''


Timothée Crabbé (LUCA School of Arts, Timothée Crabbé)

2019, BEL, 7'2''

On Time 

Zbigniew Czapla (Zbigniew Czapla HOME STUDIO)

2021, POL, 5'30''


Laura Stewart, Anna Berezowsky

2020, CAN, 2'2''

#polish_women_resistance / #sprzeciwpolek

Collective (LeLe Crossmedia Production)

2020, POL, 8'17''

58 min




Closing Night Gala

Long Shorts programme followed by awards ceremony. Who will win the Best UK, Best International and Best Student film? 

Find out who the judges have chosen in the closing night. Followed by drinks, mingling and maybe even dancing?

Shoooms Odysey 

Dir. Julien Bisaro (France) 26 min

Shooom, a baby owl, hatches just as a storm turns the bayou surrounding her tree upside down. No sooner has she fallen from her nest, then the little fledgling totters off into the mangrove, pushing a second egg from the brood along with her. Come hell or high water, she’s determined to find a mother... even if that mom turns out to be an alligator or a raccoon!

The Case 

Dir. Maurizio Forestieri (Italy) 40 min

In an unknown time and place, a young boy escapes war with nothing but a dream and a violin case. Along the way he meets the beautiful Naila and a group of other travellers. He crosses deserts and seas during a long and dangerous trip. The music in his heart will guide him along the journey to find his path on the other side of the border and destroy prejudice.


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