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4pm - Queer Contemporaries

Out of competition special programme

4pm - Queer Contemporaries

Although Queer Animation is a relatively young genre, there have been an array of ground breaking films by a new generation of filmmakers that have arisen in the last few years. From gender identity in Purpleboy and Cut through to early internet chat room culture in Guy 101, these films all explore a unique perspective on queer culture and queer identity. Some utilise humour and imagination, some are factual accounts of lived experiences. From all across the globe such as Hungary, Canada and Isreal and through stop motion, hand drawn or pixilation, the one thing these films have in common is an engaging account of the queer human experience.

​Entropia, Dir. Flora Anna Buda (Hungary) 10 min
Hi, It’s Your Mother Dir. Daniel Sterlin-Altman (USA) 5 min
Guy 101 Dir. Ian Gouldstone (UK) 8 min
The Saint of Dry Creek, Dir Julie Zammarchi (USA) 4 min
I Like Girls, Dir. Diane Obomsawim, (Canada), 8min
Purpleboy, Dir. Alexandre Siqueira (Belgium) 14 min
The Night Cleaner Dir. Blair Fukumura (Canada) 5 min
CUT Dir. Dar Laor (Israel) 3 min
Manivald Dir. Chintis (Estonia/Croatia/Canada) 13 min
Modern Queer Heroes, Dir. Kate Jessop (UK) 5 min

78 min

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